The Anabolic Cure tm





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The Anabolic Cure tm

OTC Steroids For Everybody!

 You read it correctly – Over-The-Counter Steroids For Everybody!

 Arguably, anabolic steroids are the most demonized drugs ever.

 But what you have heard are lies.

 Anabolic Steroids, or AS, have been used clinically in medicine for over half a century with remarkable and beneficial results.

 When it comes to the most common illnesses we face, AS have not only a role in treatment, but a role in PREVENTION.

 And, as medications go, there are almost none that are as safe as AS.

 In fact, there has never, repeat NEVER, been a confirmed overdose of AS. Try saying that for any other medication.

 Yet, you are denied ready access to these wonderful, safe and helpful substances.



 And these politics are ruining your health and your life and driving the sick care system into bankruptcy.

 The Anabolic Cure tm exposes the insanity surrounding AS and tells you how you can LEGALLY obtain AS to treat or prevent the conditions in the table that follows.

 Sometimes, at no additional cost to you!

 If you have any one of them or want to prevent some of them from afflicting you, then read this book.

 AS may help if you: 

  • Are interested in your health
  • Care about remaining disease-free for as long as possible
  • Want to discontinue the expensive medications you are currently taking
  • Participate more fully in life

 AS have been shown effective in treating or preventing the following conditions:


Type II diabetes

Angina Pectoris


Congestive Heart Failure


Coronary Heart Disease

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Raynaud’s Disease/Phenomenon

Myocardial Infarction (heart attack)

Scleroderma (Systemic Sclerosis)


Depression, sadness

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Alzheimer’s Disease

Sarcopenia – Frailty that comes with aging

Decreased libido


Lack of Energy

Tiredness, Lethargy


Memory loss, cognitive changes

Difficulties with erections

Prostate Cancer

Metabolic Syndrome

Wasting associated with:




Chronic Diseases

Rehabilitation/Recovery from:



Heart attack



Joint Replacement